Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate? The simplest answer is “NO’’. White chocolate like others is also not suitable for dogs.

Despite having less amount of theobromine and caffeine than dark chocolates it is still off-limits for our four-legged friends. 

But Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate?

But why so?? Why is chocolate-licking yum not suitable for dogs? 

As you and I know, dogs like sticky and sweet foods. They are attracted to chocolate the same as we are. But having a delicious sweet treat is not always fun for them. It could even be harmful to them. 

Why is this so?

Don’t worry I will try to answer your question at my best.

There are certain chemicals present in chocolates that are not suitable for dogs. The main toxin for dogs is “Theobromine”. It is present in all types of chocolates in various concentrations and is not health-friendly for dogs for certain reasons I am going to discuss later.

Caffeine is also present to some extent in chocolates which is also not good for dogs to ingest. The presence of fats and sugars in chocolates is also making this yummy treat unsuitable for dogs.

Let’s dig into depth about these certain reasons.

Theobromine presence in chocolates

It is an alkaloid compound present in all types of chocolates having a bitter taste.

Whether high or less in amount, theobromine is not suitable for dogs. It is basically the main toxin in chocolate for dogs.

Dogs are unable to metabolize theobromine like humans. Their digestive system is not very efficient to metabolize the chocolate ingredients.

Side effects of theobromine in dogs

Although white chocolate has less amount of theobromine, it can still cause some serious illness issues in dogs. Intake of this chemical can cause “Chocolate Toxicosis”. It causes restlessness. nausea, vomiting, agitation, hyperthermia, and sometimes can cause seizures.

Caffeine in chocolates

It is also toxic for dogs, While rarely fatal, it can still cause some significant illness in dogs along with theobromine. Like theobromine, dogs are also unable to metabolize caffeine. It can cause abnormal behavior and anxiety in dogs.

Fats and sugars

White chocolate is high in fats and sugars and like theobromine, they are also not health friendly for dogs.

Eating white chocolate may not cause harm because of less theobromine, but the sugars and fats in white chocolate are putting them at the risk of  “Pancreatitis” which includes inflammation of the pancreas causing vomiting and diarrhea.

Too much intake of fats and sugars can cause restlessness and anxiety in dogs.

So, it’s clear from the above points that it is not suitable at all for your dog to have even a mini bar of white chocolate. The next thing after the above discussion, as I can guess must be coming to your mind: What should you do if your dog has accidentally taken chocolate? What to do in case of an emergency? How to make your dog feel better?

For how much time do you have to wait until he gets normal?

I have figured out some tips for your ease.

If your dog has accidentally taken chocolate you must be aware that the signs of chocolate poisoning will develop within several hours and not instantly. You must monitor the dogs for a couple of hours to make sure that it is alright or not. If you feel within the first few hours that it’s not getting better, call a vet instantly.

If the chocolate amount is high, you better not wait and call a veteran instantly to give proper medication to the dog.

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