Can You Freeze Chocolate?

You and I are all well aware of freezing. We all know that it is the quickest and most convenient way to preserve food for a long period of time. It increases the life of food to a better extent. The question here is: Can we freeze chocolate? Is it suitable for the world’s famous sweet treat to freeze? Can we preserve our favorite one for a longer period of time?

The answer is “Yes”.

Yes, we can freeze chocolate. It’s summer and you are not craving more chocolate but you don’t want your favorite treat to be wasted. What are you going to do? Yes, the right way is to freeze your chocolate for winter. 

You are living in extremely hot areas and even your refrigerator is not doing its job effectively. Have a try for the freezer. It can do the task in a better way.

You are going on vacation or somewhere else and you can’t take your box of chocolate with you. What should you do? Let it freeze appropriately to enjoy it later. Freezing the chocolate will keep the heat from melting the chocolate and ruining its texture.

So, the next questions that must be coming to your mind are: How to freeze chocolate? For how long you can preserve your yummy brown treat? How to defrost the chocolate? Can you refreeze the chocolate after defrosting it? Why freeze chocolate and not refrigerate it?

I am here to give you answers. Let’s discuss them in detail.

How to freeze chocolate?

Whether freezing a whole bar or portions of chocolate, always remember to wrap them in a cling film to assure freshness and extended shelf life of chocolate. After wrapping the chocolate, store it in an airtight container and then place it in the freezer. Air-tight containers are necessary because the freezers are humid and they can change the texture of chocolate.

Don’t forget to note down the manufacturing and expiry date of the chocolate.

For how long you can freeze chocolate?

Always keep in mind that the shelf life of most chocolates is 1 year and for dark chocolates, it is even extended to 2 years. You can expect your chocolate to rest in the freezer under appropriate conditions to remain fresh for up to 2 years.

How to defrost chocolate?

Remember that if you are giving the chocolate a sudden temperature shock it can affect its texture significantly. You must thaw your chocolate in the refrigerator. After thawing in the fridge you can enjoy it as such or can take it after resting it at room temperature. Cold chocolate perhaps melts nicely and gives you a better flavor. But it’s totally up to your taste buds’ choice.

Can you refreeze the chocolate?

No, it’s not suitable from the quality point of view. It cannot cause a major change in texture, but from a healthy point of view, I would not recommend it to refreeze defrosted chocolate.

Why not refrigerate the chocolate?

You can do it for a short period of time. But if you are planning to store chocolate for a long time it’s better to go with freezing. It’s because in the fridge temperature fluctuations are more and the product is more likely to have a less shelf life.

There is a possibility that you may notice a little difference in the texture of the chocolate after defrosting. If you notice your chocolate has become white after defrosting, don’t get alarmed. It is a normal procedure and it has nothing to do with the taste and quality of chocolate.

Actually, it is a process called “Fat Bloom”. In this process, the fat in chocolate comes to the surface due to temperature change. It is still safe to consume. Don’t throw it away.

So, it is concluded from all the above discussion that we can freeze chocolate for up to 2 years depending on the type of chocolate. If it is stored under proper conditions and care we can have the real taste and flavor for an extended period of time.

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