Does Chocolate Affect Periods?

Does chocolate affect periods? Chocolate is the most wanted thing during periods. Dark chocolate can affect your period in a good manner by reducing cramps and lifting your mood. However, milk chocolate can cause periods worse because of the high sugar and butter proportion.

Periods are a hard time of the month. They can be worse if you experience multiple period symptoms including bloating, cramping, and even mood swings.

 I always search for some comforting food during my periods and more often I go for chocolate. Chocolate really helps in soothing my period. So, I decided to dig out some research on periods and chocolate connection and found out CHOCOLATE REALLY HELP WITH PERIODS! This sounds very relaxing to girls.

Let’s check out how chocolate affects periods and in what way it works best for the menstrual cycle.

The Truths About Chocolate And Periods

Chocolate does help in easing periods of time. A study says that, if you struggle with severe period cramps, dark chocolate is the right food for you. 

Let me tell you how chocolate can affect your periods.

1. It’s A Pack Of Happy Chemicals

A good mood is equal to a good time!

During periods, we ladies experience terrible rides of mood swings which ultimately increases our stress level. Chocolate is a mood-maker!

Chocolate is responsible for releasing neurotransmitters in the brain—a happy chemical. This chemical tells our brain to release serotonin and dopamine which boosts our mood and gives us a sense of strong well-being. 

Hence, these chemicals come as a rescue when you are fighting periods of misery.

2. Reduces Cramping

Cramping is one of the hardest things to cope with when you are on your red days. Don’t worry! Chocolate is a solution.

A study on 40 Indonesian university females found that consuming chocolate during periods significantly reduces period pain.

Dark chocolate contains enough magnesium that your body needs when you are on your period. According to one study, low blood magnesium levels are also linked to unpleasant period cramps and discomfort.

Cramps are the result of severe muscle contractions in the uterus. Magnesium is one of the golden chemicals which help in relaxing your muscles and prevents spasms. A small amount of cocoa-rich chocolate or pure dark chocolate can help reduce period cramps.

3. Boosts Energy Level

Low energy levels and tiredness during periods might let you skip office or essential classes. It can interfere with your daily routine. Not a good thing!

Low iron and oxygen levels are responsible for the human body’s energy drainage. Women with high menstrual flow have iron deficiencies and deplete more iron every cycle than women with regular periods, as reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Chocolate not only uplifts your mood but also helps increase your energy level. It fantastically deals with low iron levels and top-ups the minerals which fall at a low level when you bleed. 

An ounce (28 gm) of dark chocolate contains 3.4 milligrams of iron, which accounts for approximately 19% of the required iron consumption for adult females.

Moreover, the sugar present in chocolate levels up the glucose level of your body and gives you the spark to do regular chores.

4. Beat The Bloating

Bloating can add up to your discomfort during hard times. But not anymore with the dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has a punch of potassium which helps balance the body’s water level—a very necessary thing to prevent bloating. 2 to 3 bites of dark chocolate can help reduce bloating during your periods and eliminates the need for any hot water bag on your stomach.

Types Of Chocolates Good For Periods

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the finest sort to consume during your period. It is frequently better or bittersweet. You may enjoy this sort of chocolate at any time during your menstrual phase. 

Dark chocolate has the most cocoa, an antioxidant-rich substance. It’s also low in fat, particularly saturated fat. So, if at all feasible, this alternative is preferable to milk chocolate for you and your cramps.

2. Cranberry Dark Chocolate

Cranberries have a lot of potassium and vitamin C. The nutritious combination of dark chocolate and cranberry is an incredible joy that may elevate your stressful days of periods.

3. Dark Chocolate With Nuts

Wholesome nuts are high in fatty acids, which can help women who are restless during their periods. They also include vital elements like iron and magnesium. 

Iron relieves fatigue, magnesium calms muscles, and healthy fats keep muscles from cramping. A bar of dark chocolate with nuts is an ideal deal for severe menses days.

4. Cocoa-Rich Chocolate With Seasalt

The combination of dark chocolate and sea salt reduces stress and produces endorphins. They have the ability to elevate one’s mood.

Ideal Quantity Of Chocolate For Periods

Daily consumption of 40-120 grams of chocolate during the periods can pass your week smoothly. However, go for chocolate that has more cocoa than other ingredients.

I would recommend choosing chocolate that has at least 60 to 70 percent for cocoa because the more cocoa the greater chances of easing period cramps and other symptoms.

Is Milk Chocolate Good For Periods?

I encourage you to eat chocolate during periods, but dark chocolate.

Cocoa in milk chocolate is filled with more sugar, butter, and nearly double the calories, which can aggravate bloating. 

Also,  any milk chocolate item will be high in sugar, which is pro-inflammatory and can aggravate any period pains you may already be experiencing. IT IS LIKE A SWEET DEVIL!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does chocolate make your periods heavy?

Chocolates are great for your period and cramps during periods. A lot of chocolate can make your flow heavy. A small bar of dark chocolate is enough and beneficial for your period days.

Why do people on period like to have chocolate?

Due to bleeding and an increase in insulin levels the sugar level of the body drops which makes you crave chocolate or sweet things.

Can I eat milk chocolate during periods?

Milk chocolate includes more sugar and fat than dark chocolate, which might aggravate menstruation symptoms. It’s better to go for dark chocolate.

Does chocolate mess with hormones?

Not really. However, chocolate can help in balancing your hormones because of sufficient magnesium and potassium presence.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Now, you know how chocolate can give you benefits on period games. However, it’s better to go for dark chocolate and consume it in moderate quantities. A lot of chocolate can make your flow heavier. For this reason, a square or two of 70% dark chocolate is an excellent option. It will provide you with antioxidants and important minerals while also being low in calories.

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