Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain Review

Looking for the right chocolate for your party this month? Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain is armed with advanced adjustment settings to let your chocolate flow through easily. However, just like with everything else, it also comes with a few drawbacks to influence your decision. Read on to find out.

About the “Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain” brand

Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain Review

Liquid hot chocolate is a real seducer and Elgento never fails to make it even more irresistible. You can add a touch of fun to your casual parties by throwing in a three-tier cascading fountain that melts just the right kind of fondue you want at the moment. 

Thanks to the modern advancements, you certainly don’t have to keep up with the hectic pot and stove method to heat the chocolate and dip your marshmallows on a Sunday Night get-together by the bonfire. 

Elgento takes this technology to the next level by making thor fountains highly easy to use where you can easily control the heat and flow settings to ensure you enjoy the other important things at the party. 

That’s not it, the brand manages to stay practical all while keeping up with the aesthetics with its contemporary fountain design to blend well with your party celebrations. 

Strengths (Pros) of Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain

1. Easy Adjustability 

The fountain comes with plenty of adjustment settings to let you create the perfect flow of chocolate. 

Whether it is the thick consistency of your chocolate or something as thick as an apricot syrup, the temperature settings help you maintain its consistency and let the mixture last for the entire evening. 

2. Three- tier Tower 

A three-tier tower is an ideal size for large gatherings and showcases the original structure of a chocolate fountain. 

The best part, although the Elgento chocolate fountain comes with a three-tier structure, it is still compact in size to let you carry it anywhere you go. If you want to go the extra mile, it’s never a bad idea to offer one fountain for each table.

This will ensure your guests leave with a satisfied tummy and an impressed heart!

3. Removable layers

We all like mixing different ingredients and creating a chocolate fountain of your own but who really cares about the aftermath and the cleaning right? Luckily, Elgento understands that. 

Therefore, the removable basin layers make it effortless to remove them and wipe off the chocolate to make it ready for the next party. This way you also don’t have to bear with the hard, dried, and stubborn stains of chocolate lingering on your favourite fountain. 

Read this guide to find out how to effectively clean chocolate fountains. 

​​4. Simple to Store

As the fountain comes in compact designs, it makes it easier for people to assemble for use and disassemble for storage. This also ensures easy travelling destination weddings and outdoor parties where you can’t keep up with a gigantic fountain in your car’s trunk.

5. Safe for All Ages

Unlike most of the fountains, this fountain is safe to use for all ages and the decorative properties can make it a centrepiece for most of your gatherings. 

For added convenience, the fountain comes with a light indicator to give you peace of mind that your chocolate fountain is running smoothly to enter your guests. 

Drawbacks (Cons) of Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain

1. Takes Long to Heat Up 

Although the fountain ensures to run throughout the day, it can take a while to heat up in the first place. Here I recommend you plan your schedule accordingly so you prepare and get the fountain to its right destination at the right time. 

Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain Buyers Guide: Things to consider before buying a Mini Chocolate Fountain 

Welcoming your guests with a chocolate fountain has been one of the most popular ways of making a good impression and adding a fun element to the entire party.

The mysterious fascination of the fountain can excite all the adults and kids to dip their marshmallows and begin enjoying the party right away. 

However, this is only possible if you get your hands around the right kind of chocolate fountain. 

Now that you are all set with the fundamentals, it’s time you find out whether Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain is the right one for you. Here are some of the things to consider before making your first purchase. 


As a general rule of thumb, an ideal chocolate fountain must be rustproof, durable, and robust to help it last longer and make a bang for your buck. Here, counting on stainless steel is the best option as it offers better practicality and easy care. 

However, if you are specifically looking for an aesthetically appealing option, then you can never go wrong with plastic chocolate fountains that come in a wide range of colours to help catch the eye. 

The only thing wrong with plastic fountains is that they aren’t suitable for a lifetime and eventually you may need to end up buying a stainless steel one. 


Size mainly depends on the purpose you are going for. Normal chocolate fountains are around 35cm high but you also get to find other sizes for commercial or household purposes. 

Regardless, a traditional fountain comes with 3 levels so as long as you are happy with the layers and size, you are set to getting the right chocolate fountain for yourself. 


Price makes up the most important factor to consider when it comes to buying a chocolate fountain. The variations in size, colours, functions, and materials will inevitably have an impact on the overall price. 

So while you are creating a list of the features, it’s also crucial to keep your budget in mind to help get what you pay for. 

Benefits of Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain

1. It Is Affordable 

If you are looking to amp up to your parties without breaking your bank? The Elgento Mini Chocolate fountain can help.

As we all know how much an average party can end up costing. And if it happens to be a fancier one, I think we all can imagine the BIG numbers on the bill. 

Therefore, it is efficient to find the best ways to keep the costs low all without compromising with the look of the party. 

2. Loved by Both Children and Adults 

Whether it is the birthday of your little bundle of joy or a wedding, the right size of the chocolate fountain can provide delicious treats for every age group. The best part? It’s all easy to make and set up!

Simply choose any of the recipes from this guide, heat up the fountain, pour in your mixture, and make sure it flows through the entire party with ease. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why the innovative technology of Elgento is preferred over many other mini chocolate fountains out there. 

3. Can be Used in all Kinds of Occasions 

Just like with age groups, a chocolate fountain is versatile enough to be appropriate for all kinds of occasions ranging from afternoon brunch, weddings, a religious-themed party, or a corporate gathering, a fountain-like the Elgento Mini Chocolate fountain is the first choice that can complement any occasion. 

The three-tier levels provide enough space to fill your guests with your homemade melted chocolate and keep them hooked to the desserts section. 

This way, you get to create a better impression of yourself and ensure your guests leave with memorable moments from the party—seriously, what more could a host want!

4. Interesting Way to Enjoy Dippings 

Sure, there is a way to present the desserts in a conventional way and let people enjoy them as usual. 

But this wouldn’t be a party that will stay on top of everyone’s minds for years, the hours you spent on making those delicious sweets won’t be the talk of the night and you will become one of the many people who invited their guests for Christmas. 

However, with a chocolate fountain, you get to change this boring scenery that I have painted in your mind. 

The chocolate fountain will be the star of the evening and draw attention to not just itself but all the rest of the desserts you have specially made for your beloved guests. 

Here, the Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain will ensure that you face no embarrassing problems with the fountain and let it flow the entire night with ease. 

Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain Alternatives

Although Elgento is packed with unmatched features and uses, if you are planning to get a fountain for a big event, you certainly can’t afford to buy the first chocolate fountain you found online. 

To help you make this decision, here are some of the alternatives of Elgento and make this process completely effortless. 

1. Global Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Fountain Fondue Large Set 

Made from stainless steel, the Global Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Fountain Fondue Large Set is a complete three-tier chocolate fountain to make your parties extravagant than ever. 

It is easy to clean and step up to help revamp the ordinary way of enjoying your dippings.  Not just that, as incredible as it is for convenience, the outstanding aesthetics are great for making it a centrepiece for weddings, parties and other social events. 

If that’s not your bet, you can also present it as a gift to a party lover to help make it a fun and practical way to show your appreciation to your loved ones. 

2. SMART Chocolate Fountain Machine Bundle with Free Bamboo Skewers

Can’t be bothered with the hassle of maintaining a fountain? This fountain has got your back!

SMART Chocolate Fountain Machine Bundle with Free Bamboo Skewers is an easy-to-maintain chocolate fountain that can let your chocolate flow like a waterfall without having to spend hours familiarizing yourself with the machine. 

The removable paddles can easily be detached and cleaned with soapy water to make it effortless to clear the mess after parties. Its solid stainless steel base offers a perfectly engineered heating element that comes with better adjustable to support wide ranges of fondue recipes. 

To get started, simply dial adjustment to warm up the fountain, pour in the melted chocolate, and watch the chocolate fountain lure you into eating every last drop of chocolate. 

As for your convenience, the brand offers you a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty to ensure this patented technology offers complete satisfaction throughout the journey. 

3. Nostalgia CLCF4AQ Retro Chocolate Fondue Fountain

This party-perfect chocolate fountain is known as the ideal fountain for all kinds of parties and functions. The 4-tier fountain offers true nostalgic vibes of your childhood where you never seem to get your eyes off these beautiful chocolatey fountains. 

However, this specific fountain is known as the industry-leading fountain that can support all kinds of condiments like BBQ, ranch, nacho cheese, and your favourite chocolate to help you change the mood of the party. 

Apart from that, the auger-style fountain with no pump provides a continuous flow of chocolate to help you perfect your favourite occasions and make set-up a breeze. As for the aesthetics, Nostalgia CLCF4AQ Retro Chocolate Fondue Fountain has the ever needed retro look with LED lighted heat power gauge in front to get a sleek yet technical look that determines the heat level of the fountain. 


Coming to the end of the end, regardless of which chocolate fountain you go to become a spectacular centrepiece for your parties, you can make the whole process a wreck if you happen to get your hands on the right one. 

Where buying the most popular one off the web is an option, taking your time to thoroughly weigh all the options, get your preferences right, and ensure you are considering all the pros and cons before drawing a conclusion will pay off in abundance of satisfaction in the long term.

Remember, a good fountain like the Elgento Mini Chocolate Fountain can be a lifetime investment. Therefore, if you are going for this remarkable piece make sure you have equipped yourself with the right knowledge to help you get started right away. 

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