What is Cocoa Beans Used for in Minecraft?

Cocoa beans are used for making cookies. These cookies are a nice treat after a hard day’s work in the biome. All you need is a single cocoa bean and two pieces of wheat to make eight delicious cookies! But there are more things you can use cocoa beans for.

Who wouldn’t love some cookies, especially baked using cocoa? In Minecraft, you can use cocoa beans for several things. While it’s commonly used to make cookies and dye, below, I discuss a few other uses. Do read to the end.

Uses of cocoa beans in Minecraft

1. Composting

Cocoa beans can be used in a composter to raise the level by one.

When composting cocoa beans in a composter, there is a 65% chance of raising the composter by one level. 

Using composters, villages can convert old food and plant materials into bonemeal. A cocoa bean has a 65% chance of raising the level, so it’s an effective resource to use for obtaining bonemeal.

So if you need lots of compost, cocoa beans are a perfect choice.

2. Brown Dye

Cocoa beans are an essential crafting material in many items.

You can craft cocoa beans into the brown dye. This dye can be used to color anything from carpets, glass, and beds to balloons, banners, and fireworks. 

This brown dye can be used to dye other objects and items in the game. You can directly dye items with cocoa beans in some versions of the game. Common items to dye are shuckers, sheep, animal collars, and many more. Therefore, cocoa beans are primarily used as a brown dye.

3. Farming

Similarly, you can farm using cocoa beans. You can grow cocoa pods by placing seeds on the sides of jungle logs, jungle wood, and jungle wood with its bark scraped off. For the beans to grow, they must go through 3 stages, which can be accelerated with bonemeal.

4. Cookies

You can also make cookies with cocoa beans. All you need is one cocoa bean and two pieces of wheat, which makes eight cookies. These cookies are a nice treat after your hard day’s work building in Minecraft. Cookies only heal about a tenth of your health, or 2 hunger and 0.4 hunger saturation.

As a result, they are ideal snacks for short outings.

A player can grab a cookie to avert hunger in a pinch, and gain nutrients that will help him or her stay healthy. You should eat it with milk if you want the best results.

5. Firework Star

You may also use cocoa beans to make different colored fireworks stars. When a firework is set off, its effect, color, and shape are determined by the usage of fireworks stars. Cocoa beans are an excellent source of brown color.

6. Build Decoration

If you’re making jungle or nature-themed bases, cocoa beans and pods will be a terrific decorative element. To give their building a more natural sense, they incorporate jungle trees with cocoa pods in the rooms.

Furthermore, these cocoa beans can spice up your backyard agriculture. They’re a helpful resource as well as a wonderful visual feature in an otherwise mundane Minecraft farm.

How to craft cookies in Minecraft

1. Gathering cocoa beans

Cocoa beans are essential in the making of cookies. You can find them in a variety of places to make your cookies. Wandering traders will offer three cocoa beans for one emerald in the same edition. Cocoa beans, on the other hand, can be found by fishing in the jungle or growing on jungle trees in the biome.

When you locate them, make sure to collect as many jungle logs as you can because these blocks are the only method to grow cocoa beans. When planted on jungle logs, it produces a little light green-yellow bulb that progressively develops larger and turns orange-brown. This will yield 1-3 beans depending on the stage of growth.

Players can use one bonemeal per growth stage to increase progress. If the cocoa bean is cracked in stages one or two, the yield is one cocoa bean. If the cocoa bean is fully matured, the yield will be two to three beans.

2. Crafting the cookie

Once cocoa beans have been planted on a farm, all that remains is to gather some wheat and start working.

Cookies replenish two hunger points as well as 0.4 saturation. Despite this, it is not the finest farmable food in Minecraft, with bread costing more than twice as much as the five hunger points. Having said that, no one eats cookies for nutrition.

Where to Find Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

Cocoa beans are unique beans in Minecraft. These seeds can be used for a variety of purposes, including growing, crafting, and dying. If you’re a player, you’re probably excited about cocoa beans because of their distinctiveness for years since their introduction into Minecraft.

Here’s where you can get your hands on these unique seeds.

Where are cocoa beans in Minecraft?

1. Natural habitat

The jungle biome is the first place in Minecraft where you may find cocoa beans. The majority of Minecraft worlds begin with a naturally formed jungle. There are numerous groups and plants you can find in these jungles.

For cocoa beans, it is advisable to concentrate on cocoa pods. Cocoa pods are essentially cocoa beans in block shape. Depending on their state of development, these cocoa plants will emerge on trees as green, yellow, orange, or brown pods.

These cocoa pods come in a variety of sizes. The first stage of cocoa pod development is the smallest.

These little plants appear to be green. The medium stage of growth is represented by these yellow cocoa pods. The final stage is the largest and is brown and orange. These huge pods will yield 2-3 cocoa beans, whereas any other stage will yield either zero or one cocoa bean. 

2. Fishing

Many players will be delighted to find that they can get cocoa beans when fishing in a jungle biome. Cocoa beans appear as a junk items while fishing in jungle biomes. While cocoa beans aren’t fish or treasure, they are not garbage either, and you can use them to cultivate more beans.

3. Bonus Chest

Cocoa beans appear in bonus chests with a 40% chance. These are fairly good chances for you to find more.

4. A Wandering Trader

A roaming trader is one of the places to discover or obtain cocoa beans in Minecraft. These solitary villagers will exchange three cocoa beans for an emerald. It’s hardly the best deal in the world, but those in severe need of cocoa beans should take it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you grow anything with cocoa beans in Minecraft?

Cocoa beans are a food ingredient obtained from cocoa pods that are used to plant them, and also to craft cookies and brown dye. Cocoa pods are plants used to grow cocoa beans.

Do villagers trade cocoa beans?

You can get cocoa beans in Minecraft when you come across a wandering trader. These traders will trade you three cocoa beans for an emerald. It’s not the best deal by any means, but those desperate for cocoa beans should accept it regardless.

How do you make a cookie block in Minecraft?

To make a cookie, open the crafting table and place 2 wheat stalks on either side of the second row. Then place a cocoa bean in the centre and drag it to your inventory. 

What happens if you feed a bird a cookie in Minecraft?

Feeding a cookie to a parrot kills the parrot instantly and causes it to give off Poison particles as it dies due to chocolate being toxic to parrots. In Bedrock Edition, feeding a cookie to a parrot inflicts the parrot with Fatal Poison for 1,000 seconds.

What is the easiest way to get cocoa beans in Minecraft?

You’ll be able to find cocoa beans inside cocoa pods. To get cocoa pods, you’ll have to explore jungle biomes where large trees with long vines are found. These trees will have cocoa pods hanging from their trunks.

Now it’s your turn.

You can use cocoa beans for many things in Minecraft. You can make cookies, dye, and decorations, and even farm your cocoa beans for more yield. 

o get cocoa beans, you can either farm them or buy them from wandering traders. The easiest way, however, is to find them on jungle logs in the biome.

Now you have all the information to make anything you want to with cocoa beans. 

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