5 Best Organic Cocoa Butter: Pure and Unadulterated!

You’ve probably heard about all the good things cocoa butter could do for your skin. I bet 8 in 10 women have heard of and used cocoa butter products, either for their skin or their hair or for preparing delicious recipes in the kitchen!

But did you know there are fake cocoa butter products on the market? Fake cosmetic cocoa butter products are not just harmful to the skin but to our overall health as well. Even more detrimental is fake raw cocoa butter, which is cruelly labeled “raw and edible.”

However, there’s no need to worry. We have curated the best reviews of the best organic cocoa butter for your DIY moments. Why listen to us? We are… 

Ready? Let’s dive!

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5 Best organic cocoa butter – Best Reviews

  1. Sky Organics Cocoa Butter for Body– Best for Stretch Marks
  2. 1/2 Lb Organic Cocoa Butter By SaaQin– Best for lotion
  3. Wild Foods Cocoa Butter Wafers-Best for DIY Recipes
  4. Organic Cocoa Butter Food Grade 1 LB by Oslove Organics – Best for DIY body butter 
  5. Pure Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter-Best for Soaps and Lip Balm

Comparison Table For Best Organic Cocoa Butter

Sky Organics Cocoa Butter for BodySky Organics Cocoa Butter for Body
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1/2 Lb Organic Cocoa Butter By SaaQin1/2 Lb Organic Cocoa Butter By SaaQin
  • Great Moisturizer
  • Shipped in chunks in a resealable bag
  • Shelf life: 3 years
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Wild Foods Cocoa Butter WafersWild Foods Cocoa Butter Wafers
  • Small-batch artisan cocoa vitamin E 
  • Nutritious & Versatile
  • Natural organic skincare and haircare
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Organic Cocoa Butter FOOD GRADE 1 LB by Oslove OrganicsOrganic Cocoa Butter FOOD GRADE 1 LB by Oslove Organics
  • COCOA BUTTER-100% Pure
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins great for skin and hair
  • Extraordinary moisturizing and conditioning properties
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Pure Organic Unrefined Cocoa ButterPure Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter
  • Cold Pressed, 100% Pure, No Additives, Undeodorized, Unrefined
  • Shipped in an HDPE container with a safety-sealed resealable cap
  • Slight Cocoa Scent 
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5 Best Organic Cocoa Butter-Best Reviews Compared

1. Sky Organics Cocoa Butter for Body-Best for Stretch marks

Sky organics cocoa butter is  100% raw cocoa butter that has the tendency to heal, soften, and even skin tone. It smells organically like chocolate. It absorbs and leaves your skin nourished and healthy. Unlike fake cocoa butter, which appears greasy on the skin, Sky Organics cocoa butter is not greasy on your skin at all.

As such, due to the raw cocoa butter quality, it’s solid at room temperature and you’ll need to use a knife to cut a bit and rub it in your palm before applying it to your skin.

And just a tip for when you’re working with raw cocoa butter for body butter or lotions, you’ll find that whipping to combine the melted cocoa butter into your cream works best. It’s a very hard butter and does take some effort to fully incorporate. If you want to use cocoa butter in a lotion instead of body butter and would like to eliminate the greasiness, try adding a tad or dash of arrowroot powder. 

Free radicals, which are responsible for ageing skin, stretch marks, and scarring, are best treated with something that has antioxidants, and Sky Organics pure organic cocoa butter could be just what you need!


  • Excellent hair product.
  • Ideal for stretch marks.
  • Contains raw cocoa butter.
  • Absorbs and moisturises your skin.


  • It has a hard texture.

2. 1/2 Lb Organic Cocoa Butter By SaaQin– Best for lotion

Pure, raw, unprocessed, and scented-best for lotion, cream, lip balm, oil, stick, or bodyoiltter. This is a wonderful kind of organic cocoa butter, well packaged in a resalable bag and quickly shipped. It stays cool and solid in the fridge and quickly becomes soft and spreadable in the warmth of your hands.

There is no butter more immediately effective than this in its raw, honest form, nothing added or stripped. It unfailingly quenches your dry skin and hair, as it easily absorbs and keeps your skin hydrated all day.

You’ll love the natural fragrance of cocoa, and this product provides a light, familiar scent without being overpowering. This is quality cocoa butter. You can feel the difference, and you’ll gladly purchase it again.

If you enjoy the scent of cocoa butter and are looking for fresh, unprocessed cocoa butter, then go for organic cocoa butter!  It’s a very versatile butter and can also be used in different kinds of butter, balms, and chapsticks. 


  • Has a mild chocolate smell.
  • It’s made from cocoa butter.
  • Good for lip butter or balm.
  • Moisturises the skin.
  • It’s versatile butter.
  • Easily spreadable.


  • It has a solid texture.

3. Wild Foods Cocoa Butter Wafers-Best for DIY Recipes

This unrefined, food-grade, plant-based, paleo, vegan body butter is great for DIY recipes, smoothies, keto coffee, skincare, and haircare. 

Their humble wafers seem to awaken something within that is beyond cocoa butter. Maybe the reality is that caring for our beautiful planet, our collaborative communities, and our common well-being makes a difference.

This is amazing cocoa butter that smells exactly like dark chocolate. You’ll appreciate making yourself a morning cup of cocoa butter coffee, face scrubs, and lip balms with this product. The taste is astounding.  Just take a wafer and literally dedicate it just to rubbing on your lips, hair, and body.

It’s a smooth mouth-feel and truly feels indulgent, even at 1/3 of a wafer. With coffee, it adds a layer of gorgeous background chocolate flavor and, because of the fat content, it’s very satisfying.

You can melt it down to make balms and lotions. Weigh out what you need and put it in a double boiler pan. It will naturally melt at high temperatures.

For a more down-to-earth example, try fried eggs. Yep. Melt a couple of wafers into the stainless steel fry pan using a temperature of around 140F to 160F. Allow the temperature to fall a bit. Add a couple of eggs and cover with a lid to cook, applying minimal heat.

There is no comparison to the ease of clean-up. Chocolate-making will be a breeze. It seems to be an effective deodorant, although there is not enough experience with it now. You’ll find it pleasurable to honor and respect every action and inaction that goes into finding it. 

This butter is expensive. But getting healthy is priceless.


  • Perfect as a substitute for sweetener.
  • Moisturises the skin.
  • Perfect for cooking.
  • Suitable for hair


  • Has a hard texture.
  • Melts easily in summer.

4. Organic Cocoa Butter Food Grade 1 LB by Oslove Organics – Best for DIY body butter 

This 1 LB by Oslove Organics is raw, non-deodorized, and unrefined. It is the best cocoa butter for DIY body butter and delicious homemade chocolate. 

Every package of Organic Cocoa Butter Food Grade 1 LB by Oslove Organics is fresh and soft as opposed to hard and crusty, with a great aroma. 

You can use this to make white chocolate for your white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes. The scent is incredible! It melts well in bath products and DIY body butter.

Moreover, this organic cocoa butter can condition and moisturize very dry and brittle hair. People with kinky and tight curls can rely on this butter to soften and make their hair more manageable. 

It is, however, important to use it in the right way to obtain the desired benefits. While it can be used as it is, it can also be added to a mixture of hair-softening oils, conditioning creams, or hair pomades for more optimum performance.

Note that this butter needs to be melted to be successfully mixed into skin and hair care products because it is solid at room temperature. Once melted, it blends thoroughly into any skin or hair care mixture and ensures a highly moisturizing end product.

Being that this is raw, deodorized, and unrefined but with a strong chocolate smell, it’s perfect for making homemade lotion as a gift.


  • It is fresh and soft.
  • It’s ideal for kinky hair.
  • It has a natural fragrance.
  • A great moisturiser for the skin.`
  • An excellent substitute for cooking oil.


  • It has a strong chocolate aroma.

5. Pure Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter– Best for Soaps and Lip Balm

Pure organic unrefined cocoa butter is one of the best organic unrefined cocoa butter you’ll ever use. You can be guaranteed the highest quality of cocoa butter. It is an excellent ingredient to use in cold process soaps, lip or body balms. It has a beautiful chocolate aroma and skin healing benefits.

Further, it gets absorbed so fast when you use it on your skin. Along with that, it also leaves your room smelling like chocolate; it’s a pleasure to come home after a long day.


  • Has healing benefits such as treating stretch marks.
  • Exemplary choice for making DIY body butter.
  • Has a natural chocolate smell
  • Good for a lip butter


  • Has a hard texture

The Benefits of Pure Cocoa Butter

1. Moisturises sensitive dry skin

As a result of cocoa butter’s high-fat content, it is often touted for its ability to hydrate and nourish skin, as well as improve elasticity. Butter from cocoa forms a protective barrier over the skin, allowing moisture to be retained.

This means you can use it on your skin without worrying about preservatives or additives that may irritate sensitive skin or your face.

2. Slow skin aging

Similarly, cocoa butter contains phytochemicals, naturally occurring plant compounds. By protecting the skin from sunlight’s harmful rays, these substances may improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin ageing.

3. Smooth scars and heals stretch marks

Equally, cocoa butter help to smooth scars, and wrinkles, and prevent stretch marks on the skin. Many women use raw cocoa butter products during and after pregnancy to prevent and to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Also, cocoa butter has been touted as a healing agent for rashes caused by eczema and dermatitis. It helps keep your hair smooth and shiny.

How to DIY cocoa butter for body lotion with essential oils

Ingredient for Cocoa Butter Lotion

  1. Cocoa Butter-5 Tablespoons
  2. Safflower Oil -7 Tablespoons
  3. Lavender Essential Oil 
  4. Coffee essential oil or
  5. Peppermint essential oil or
  6. Sweet orange essential oil or 
  7. Rose essential oil or 

Steps for Making Cocoa Butter Lotion

  • Combine cocoa butter and safflower oil in a double boiler saucepan.
  • Melt the ingredients over low heat.
  • Whip the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes with an electric mixer after it melts.
  • For 15-20 minutes, place the mixture in the freezer.
  • Once the mixture has frozen, add lavender essential oil, or any other essential oil of your choosing.
  • Whip for 5 minutes until it turns fluffy.
  • Transfer it to an airtight jar and cover it for use.

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Raw Cocoa Butter: What to look for when buying

1. Check for raw butter on the label

Read the label carefully to be sure the product is pure cocoa butter and that it is food grade. If there are additional ingredients apart from cocoa butter, it is not pure cocoa butter. If you’re looking to use it in cooking, look for a “food grade,” product. The food-grade tends to be more expensive than the type used for beauty care.

2. Fragrance

Make sure the raw butter you purchase has a natural chocolate aroma.

For those who want to bathe in chocolate, but can’t afford to step into molten chocolate, you can at least apply cocoa butter to their skin. In this way, your skin will not only be moisturised but will also smell fantastic.

3. Organic Ingredients

Many cocoa butters on the market are refined with chemicals and have therefore lost their pureness. 

For that reason, if you want to be sure the product you’re buying is of high quality, look for an ‘organic ingredients only’ label on the packaging.

Our best pick

All the raw cocoa kinds of butter reviewed are unique for various uses. I’m sure by now you have found the perfect one for you. 

However, our top pick on this list is Sky Organics Cocoa Butter for Body. While you can use this for cooking, hair, and DIY body lotions, It stands out as the most preferred for treating stretch marks, especially during pregnancy.  It’s a whole package for the family.

 And oh, the quickest and most credible source to buy any of this raw, pure, and unrefined cocoa butter is Amazon…

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Raw Cocoa Butter As A Lotion?

Cocoa butter is a pure fat derived from cocoa beans. Preliminary research shows that cocoa butter has a lot of potential benefits for the skin nutritionally. Sometimes, cocoa butter is used in lotions, but it may not be best for your face because it can clog your pores.

What Is The Best Oil To Mix With Cocoa Butter?

Vanilla essential oil. Vanilla essential oil is an absolute must-have as it goes with so many scents: coffee essential oil, peppermint essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, rose essential oil, pumpkin spice essential oil blend, chocolate truffle essential oil blend.

What Should I Look For When Buying Cocoa Butter?

Look for products where cocoa butter is among the first few listed ingredients to get the most benefits. Pure cocoa butter is hard at room temperature. You can find tubs of it in health food stores.

What Are The Properties Of A Good Cocoa Butter Base?

Cocoa butter contains a high percentage of fatty acids, which makes it well-suited as a primary ingredient in skin cream. Fatty acids help to hydrate the skin. The fat in cocoa butter creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying out.

Your turn…

In conclusion, organic cocoa butter is a great choice for those looking for a natural skincare option. It is moisturizing, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Cocoa butter is also a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.


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