Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Let’s find out the BEST Dark Chocolate for YOU Today?

Whether you’re looking for the best dark chocolate recipes or need some guidance on your first few batches, our team at The Cccoaness Cookbook has got what it takes.

With the growing number of people who are interested in healthy living, it’s no wonder that more and more chocolate products have been released onto store shelves. However there is a lot to take into account when making your selection so we set out on an adventure (yes I’m THAT girl) just looking for quality goods!

If you’re looking for the best dark chocolate products, recipes and guides on today’s market then this is the place. Simply tell us what criteria matters most to YOU by selecting one of these options below:

  • 100% Dark Chocolate
  • Most Expensive Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If you’re looking for the best cocoa beans on the market today, then this is your one stop shop.
We set out with a mission: to find those delicious dark chocolate treasures and we’ve got just what will make any sweet tooth happy (and maybe even guilt-free!).;)

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Hi, Nelson here... is the lead reviewer here at Cocoaness. A cocoa enthusiast and an ‘honest’ reviewer. I know cocoa more like you know your favorite fruit. I’m a farmer by birth because of my family’s vast cocoa farm in Ghana. In fact, I will be a chocolatier in the near future.